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The Solar Ham

There doesn't seem to be a lot of information regarding solar and amatuer radio. It's actually quite easy and fun to run solar. So I figured I'd put together a some how-to's for my fellow hams, to show just how easy it is, and it's not only QRP

Here is some of topics

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • DC-DC converters
  • Batteries
  • Charge Controllers



Digital and the Open Spot

This a good read on digital and the Shark RF openspot. I just purchased one and will give an update in the near future.

In the meantime enjoy.

No reason to spend $100 for a KX2 paddle.

KX2 Jog Wheel

Well they are here. KX2 Jog Wheels or Dimple Plates which ever you want to call them. It speeds up searching a band by giving you something to place your finger in.  Engraved with your call sign and made out of 1.5mm plastic and held on with double sided tape for easy removal.



They can be ordered from the Store page.




Its been awhile a long while…

My apologizes for not keeping up with my blog. Life got in the way and got to busy with family and work.

I have a lot of new stuff coming to talk about. I have a HF rig now and gone QRP. Been trying out different antennas and more.

APRS for Apple OSX

For some reason I have become a APRS nut. It must be from hanging out with the 4X4 Ham group.

I run APRS on my Iphone with OpenAPRS, on a VX-8DR or using Mobilelinkd and a VX-2R. More on that later…

But for Home using OSX there isn’t a much to do APRS or even APRS-IS. Windows gets APRSCE/32, UNIX/Linux get Xastir which will run on OSX but its not easy to get running. A few weeks ago I ran across YAAC (Yet Another APRS Client) with is built in Java and is platform independent and works great on OSX 10.9.

Don’t have a radio attached yet. Just running it with a old bluetooth GPS unit on my Mac. So all the data is going through APRS-IS and not using RF. Some of the features I like are the ability to do overlays of Topo maps, NOAA Weather maps, Messages, Emails and being able to control the data and query it any way I like. It even saves the data to SQL data base.

YAAC YAAC Topo YAAC Weather IMG_4255

Happy Tracking.

International Space Station Crew May Be On the Air for Field Day

This should be fun.

International Space Station Crew May Be On the Air for Field Day.