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New ears on the Boafeng

May 3, 2013

I’ve been using either the stock antenna (Dummy Load) or the Diamond SRJ77CA. But where I live I couldn’t hit a repeater thats 7.4 miles away. I had read that a telescoping antenna was better range. Stopped by HRO and picked up the Smiley 270A Dual Band.

This antenna is just amazing, I am able to hit repeaters that are 12 miles from inside my house and with good signal reports. Plus I am able to access an IRLP node this is 14 miles away and its usable.  One of the best features I have found is the radio no longer feels top heavy as it does with the Diamond. Nice balanced feel. I do think I will try the Super Stick II  2 meter 5/8 wave antenna and see what range I get with it. Try some 2 meter mountain topping.

Anyone that is looking to use the Boafeng UV5R as a radio and just not a glorified scanner. This is the antenna to get. You cant go wrong.

Video by KH7O

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