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May 8, 2013

At last months club meeting I was introduced to IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) by N7YHW. Being a new ham and really not ready for a HF rig nor the cost. I've now learned that with a mobile or HT, I was able to talk around the world. Already made contact in Montana, Wyoming, Ireland and New Zealand.


Now for the real fun. If you don't have an IRLP node close by, you can build your own and its pretty cheep to do. Using the $100.00 IRLP board a $35.00 Raspberry Pi computer and the inexpensive Boafeng UV-5R. This should allow me to talk via simplex around my town. Already ordered both boards, so I'll do a complete build log and will keep you posted on the out come.


Couple of videos on IRLP





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  1. John Johnson permalink

    Good Evening…Found your posting on the Smiley Antenna, I also live just south of you in Gilbert. Resources for the my Baofeng UV-82 project are very tight and I have to make every penny count. You mentioned the Diamond SRJ77CA also, what would you recommend? Looking to use it as a base to build on air skills before buying anything else if we do. Thanks, John T.

    • Both work quite will. But I have to go with the Diamond, as it doesn’t make the radio feel top heavy and its very flexible. To make it even better use a counterpoise. I use a 19″ piece of wire from a ethernet cable, a screw on the back. This makes the other half of the dipole. Use 19″ for 2 meters (VHF) and 6″ for 70 cm (UHF). Or just fold it in half when you are using UHF.

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