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VHF Antennas & BAOFENG UV-R5

June 6, 2013

I was looking around for a better antenna for my BAOFENG and came across a great 2 meter antenna shootout.

A little about where I live. Fountain Hills is a small town east of Scottsdale Arizona. Behind mountains that block off most of the valley. Basically the town is in a bowl. And at 5 watts I can hear a couple repeaters but couldn't kick them on. Plus the houses in Arizona are basically faraday cages. Wood and foam structures wrapped in chicken wire. So taking inside is almost impossible but nessesary when it's 109 out side.

So to start a purchased a Smiley 270A. What a difference, I can now talk to a couple of repeaters with better than marginal reports. But it does the best out side. Inside with no electronics running and only in a couple of rooms.

Second I got a RH770, another dual band antenna. Now this thing is like running with a amp or having a vertical mounted on the roof. I hit more repeaters on both bands. I can even hit a 446.600 repeater that is 30 miles away. From inside the house. The only down side is the length, I wouldn't use it in the woods. But setting on a desk with an external mic. This antenna does just fine.

I know more power would solve this along with a roof or attic mounted antenna. Or even an better radio.

Thanks to G4ILO for the shootout post.

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