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APRS for Apple OSX

September 16, 2014

For some reason I have become a APRS nut. It must be from hanging out with the 4X4 Ham group.

I run APRS on my Iphone with OpenAPRS, on a VX-8DR or using Mobilelinkd and a VX-2R. More on that later…

But for Home using OSX there isn’t a much to do APRS or even APRS-IS. Windows gets APRSCE/32, UNIX/Linux get Xastir which will run on OSX but its not easy to get running. A few weeks ago I ran across YAAC (Yet Another APRS Client) with is built in Java and is platform independent and works great on OSX 10.9.

Don’t have a radio attached yet. Just running it with a old bluetooth GPS unit on my Mac. So all the data is going through APRS-IS and not using RF. Some of the features I like are the ability to do overlays of Topo maps, NOAA Weather maps, Messages, Emails and being able to control the data and query it any way I like. It even saves the data to SQL data base.

YAAC YAAC Topo YAAC Weather IMG_4255

Happy Tracking.

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