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Hak5: Using a Solar Powered Embedded Device with an RTL-SDR to Track Aircraft Remotely –

It’s amazing what you can do with a SDR dongle.

Hak5: Using a Solar Powered Embedded Device with an RTL-SDR to Track Aircraft Remotely –


6095AM Radio

KBC  6095AM Radio  is giving away TECSUN shortwave radio. To sign up all you have to do is send in a reception report.  The best part go the site is the gallery. Seeing what stations people upload, SDR is fun but nothing beats an load Yaesu frog.


AGM vs Lithium ion

Found this great video explaining the differences between the two battery’s. Lithium ion is the clear winner in my book, worth the money. And with its built-in BMS, using a solar panel and charger would keep you running all day.

Thanks to KF7IJZ for producing this.



Bluetooth Adaptor

The other night I was looking for a Bluetooth adaptor that I adapt to my HF Rig for PSK31. I’m thinking that while using a App such as PSKer on my iPhone I could send the audio to a radio via Bluetooth. While I searched I ran across a bluetooth adaptor for the Baofeng UV-5R.

Baofeng Bluetooth

It’s an intriguing product with one major flaw. Its priced at $84.99 on Amazon.  Most Bluetooth adaptor run $20 – $40 dollars.  So I’ll wait for the price to drop and continue my search for a Bluetooth adaptor that is bi-directional like the old Jabra A-210.


Scottsdale Spring HamFest

Scottsdale Spring HamFest

Scottsdale Ham Fest is March 15th. Bring your money or goods to sell. See you there.

VE’s from 4×4 Ham Club with be there for testing. Testing starts at 9am. So if your thinking of getting your ticket or looking to upgrade, now if your time.

6 Meter Dipole Antenna

This is a fun antenna to build and works quite well. KF7ETX. The design as it's easy to set up and travel with. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, lots for good information for the new Amateur and remember Techs you have full access to this band.




Telescoping Fishing Pole

Found this to be a brilliant idea for an End Fed and it's only $20.00 shipped.